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by the f.b.i. all that information will come through the f.b.i. they did say he was in serious but stable condition, but they would have some sort of statement tonight as. as of this hour, that statement has not been released. >> you said there were a lot of police at the hospital. what about members of the public any protestors? >> there are no protestors, but there have been a number of public officers walking around. you is a a bunch of red sox fans walking around. you see a large medical campus. you see a lot of medical students, doctors and nurses where the media has camped out. it has grown rather large knowing that the suspect is inside there. they have a interrogation team on standby and we say two f.b.i. agents leave here around 4:30 in the that is kind of the scene here. no protests whatsoever and we are on private property so even if that was to be the case they would be moved off. we have seen a number of people come by. last night, on wait here few blocks down the street where the boston college here, there is a number of colleges here, people may not be familiar if you are n
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1